Josh Berman


Josh Berman is an internationally recognized cornetist and composer. He has led the acclaimed Old Idea, Josh Berman and his Gang, and his own trio. In addition to being an indispensable contributor to Chicago’s jazz and improvised music scene, Berman has been a concert presenter with fellow Chicagoan Mike Reed, producing hundreds of shows over the past 20 years. Berman’s work has been critically acclaimed in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, JazzTimes, and DownBeat, among others. His recordings can be found on the Chicago’s legendary Delmark Records and more recently on Austin’s Astral Spirits Records

Josh Berman Trio @ Dog/Day #1

Saturday | 25 August 2018
Constellation - 7:30pm

DOG/DAY #1: CRAIG TABORN, JAMES BRANDON LEWIS, JOSH BERMAN, BLACK DIAMOND, DEVOURING THE GUILT* Some of these events will take place at our sister venue around the corner, the Hungry Brain. See below for details! *

Music starts at 4PM and goes until 10PM.

4:00pm Jazz Links: Isabella Isherwood Quartet (Constellation)
4:30pm Devouring the Guilt (Constellation)
4:30pm Jazz Links: Alejandro Salazar Trio (Hungry Brain)
5:15pm *mystery set (Constellation)
5:30pm Black Diamond (Constellation)
5:30pm Angel Bat Dawid (Hungry Brain)
6:00pm James Brandon Lewis with Ben Lamar Gay, Kent Kessler & Avreeyal Ra (Constellation)
7:00pm Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things (Hungry Brain)
7:15pm *mystery set* (Constellation)
7:30pm Josh Berman, Jason Roebke & Michael Vatcher (Constellation)
8:30pm Camila Meza (Hungry Brain)
9:00pm Craig Taborn (Constellation)
10:00pm DJ Ayana Conteras (Hungry Brain)

/ˈdôɡ ˈˌdāz/
1.     The ancient Romans noticed that the hottest days of the year, that is, in late July and August, coincided with the appearance of Sirius – the Dog Star, in the same part of the sky as the Sun. Sirius is the largest and brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, in fact it is the brightest star in the sky. Roman astrology connected the celestial event with increased heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever mad dogs and bad luck.
2.     One week of free performances mostly pertaining, but not limited to jazz and improvised music. Generally hosted in the Bricktown Neighborhood of Chicago at the venues; Constellation, Links Hall & The Hungry Brain