“A Dance and a Hop” Reviewed In Gapplegate Music

December 18th, 2015


No kidding, Chicago is producing some of the finest new jazz on the planet. The new generation of players have stayed put in Chi-town and/or they have expanded outward to form a Chicago diaspora in other urban centers both in the US and abroad.

There are some great recordings being made of the new Chicago thing. Delmark as to be expected has covered an excellent sampling of it and today we have another: cornetist Josh Berman and his trio doing A Dance and A Hop (Delmark 5021). It is album number three for Josh, comprising a trio of players very familiar with each other, with a long history of playing together.

Josh is joined by Jason Roebke on acoustic bass and Frank Rosaly on drums, one of the very best rhythm teams to be had, certainly. And the originals here have the newness of the unexpected along with jazz roots. The band brings out the astute rhythmic and melodic hipness in the best ensemble trio-work manner.

Berman shows that he nowadays can thrive mightily in an exposed trio context. And that he does, with a fluidity of invention, a pinched clarion purity spiced by expressive swoops, growls and split notes. The mid-to-upper range is prominent and his tone is distinctively his.

Jason Roebke gets plenty of space to give us both the solo and ensemble version of his bass inspirations. And Frank Rosaly as ever has the potent swing and musical flexibility to stretch time and mark compositional figures or comment on improvisational doings with all the earmarkings of a percussion colossus. And check out his solo on “Luggage”!

When you combine the compositionally striking material with the improvisational prowess of a trio who knows where to go and heads out in the right ways every time, you have an album that stands out as an outstanding document of why Chicago is a center of the new jazz, as it just about always has been.

The Berman Trio gives you every reason to celebrate the new on A Dance and A Hop. I strongly recommend this one.

By Grego Appelgate Edwards

Originally published December 18th 2015 at http://gapplegatemusicreview.blogspot.com/2015/12/josh-berman-trio-dance-and-hop.html

“A Dance and a Hop” Reviewed in Shanley On Music

January 7th, 2016


A formidable challenge faces the horn player whose has only bass and drums to accompany them. The music could be spare. It could be completely interactive, with the roles of leader and rhythm section erased in favor of something more egalitarian. Or said horn player could play his posterior off and make you forget there could ever be any shortcomings to such a setting.

That’s exactly what cornetist Josh Berman has done with A Dance and A Hop. Granted, his familiarity with bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Frank Rosaly runs deep, and they’re with him every step of the way. But Berman really works out on his third disc as a leader, easing from composition to improvisation. The length of all 11 tracks stay in radio-friendly territory, so no one stretches out too far. But they also say more in four minutes that a lot of musicians do in thrice that time.

Berman has been a strong voice on the Chicago jazz scene for about 15 years. To mention just a few pieces of his c.v., he’s played in the spontaneous Chicago Luzern Exchange, the revolving leadership ensemble Fast Citizens (both of which include Rosaly) and he has released two other vastly different albums as a leader on Delmark. Regarding the latter two, Old Idea (which it wasn’t) featured original compositions played by a quintet, (read about it here). There Now reimagined ’20s chestnuts like “I’ve Found a New Baby” and “Love Is Just Around the Corner.”

Besides generating a bit of head scratching, There Now proved that Berman’s scope went back further than, say, Don Cherry and Lester Bowie, and, as indicated by the album’s liner notes, includes reverence for the smooth brass of the late Ruby Braff. He might not usually play in that romantic, lyrical territory but his knowledge has boosted his arsenal of sounds so that he constantly generates deep emotion, whether he’s yowling or creating something a little more grounded. He always has a deep thought that he’s ready to share.

In “Time/Trouble,” he uses his prowess to slide wildly from squirts into solid notes, a deft way of blending extended technique and melody. “Today’s Date”‘s solo is all about shooting air through the bell, with some gassy sounds thrown in for good measure. It may be one of the album’s more extreme tracks, but it follows a few songs that find him cutting a more straightforward path, with just a bit ruggedness thrown in along the way.

While Berman seems fine in the spotlight, Roebke and Rosaly don’t merely fade into the background either. The bassist’s solid playing runs parallel to or bolsters the plucky brass tone, as needed. Rosaly frequently uses brushes, which in his hands have the same authority as sticks, providing a heavy backdrop during a bass solo in “Your Uncle” and ending “”Time/Trouble” with a might crash.

This album won some accolades at the end of the year (it came out in September), but it warrants a second look by anyone who hasn’t heard it yet. Find it, and Berman’s other two albums.

Originally published January 7th 2016 at http://shanleyonmusic.blogspot.com/2016/01/cd-review-josh-berman-dance-and-hop.html

Listen to Josh Berman Interviewed on the Now-Is Podcast!

April 11th, 2016


On March 12, 2016, Ben Remsen and Josh Berman spent a couple hours in the former’s livingroom in Rogers Park, Chicago, listening to music in some way related to Josh’s work.

Click here to listen to the full podcast

“A Dance and a Hop” Reviewed in All About Jazz Italy

December 21st, 2015


Già nel titolo è celato il carattere del CD: una danza e un salto. Leggerezza, equilibrio in continuo divenire, senso della melodia e del disegno globale. E anche brevità, luminosità, seppure percorsa dalle inflessioni dolenti del blues, da inserti agrodolci, meditativi. Da increspature del suono tornito della cornetta di Josh Berman, che scivola talvolta in avvitamenti, effetti gutturali, brontolii, timbri strozzati, sovracuti laceranti. Sintomi del blues che percorrono tutto questo lavoro, non solo nel brano intitolato così.

Fin dalle prime note risalta la forte coesione del trio: insieme a Berman ci sono il contrabbasso di Jason Roebke e la batteria di Frank Rosaly. Due musicisti che sulla scena di Chicago condividono da molto tempo le avventure musicali del leader, e che definiscono con precisione ogni dettaglio della musica, facendola respirare, giocando sull’integrazione costante più che sull’interplay. Le voci si corrispondono nella tensione verso culmini espressivi, negli abbandoni improvvisi, nelle digressioni timbriche. Si intersecano nella creazione costante di un disegno d’insieme, di una forma, attraverso brani che non superano i cinque minuti. Molti di essi restano attorno ai tre.

È proprio la concisione uno dei pregi di questo album splendido. Il trio si pone in contrasto dialettico con le altre formazioni di Berman, il quintetto Old Idea e l’ottetto denominato His Gang, dove anche i brani sono più dilatati. Il bravo tornitore di suoni Berman si esprime con una qualità lirica che ricorda alcuni grandi delle origini, tra i quali fa capolino Bix Beiderbecke. Nel contempo spinge avanti con sottile intelligenza: narra e sperimenta. Seduce l’ascoltatore senza enfasi e lo avvolge in un sottile vortice.


Track Listing: Hang Ups; Blues; Wooden; Tine/Trouble; Your Uncle; Mint; That’s Now; Luggage; Bridges; Today’s Date; Cold Snap.

Personnel: Josh Berman: cornetta; Jason Roebke: contrabbasso; Frank Rosaly: batteria.

By Giuseppe Segala

Originally published December 21st 2015 at http://www.allaboutjazz.com/a-dance-and-a-hop-josh-berman-delmark-records-review-by-giuseppe-segala.php

Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich reviews release show

September 21st, 2015

Chicago Tribune
September 20th, 2015
by Howard Reich

What do Amir ElSaffar and Josh Berman have in common? Remarkable shows at Constellation.

The jazz visionary Sun Ra used to proclaim that “space is the place.”

Over the weekend, Constellation was the place, with two innovative musicians leading unusual bands there, the artists offering jazz visions of their own. Like Sun Ra, both launched their careers in Chicago, and both are extending the meanings of the music.

Trumpeter Amir ElSaffar has been at the forefront of merging music of his Iraqi heritage in particular, and the Arabic world in general, with the syntax of jazz. He has taken that effort to new heights with “Crisis” (Pi Recordings), his latest album with his long-running Two Rivers Ensemble. “Crisis” stands as one of the most beautiful and evocative jazz recordings of the year, though one hesitates to pigeonhole it in any single idiom — even one as malleable as jazz.

For Middle Eastern scales, ancient poetry, unconventional rhythms and other currents course through this music, as ElSaffar and the Two Rivers Ensemble proved on Saturday evening before a capacity audience. The crowd had converged on Constellation, on North Western Avenue, as part of World Music Festival Chicago, ElSaffar’s contribution surely epitomizing the global reach of the festival and of jazz itself.

As its title suggests, ElSaffar’s “Crisis Suite” addresses the ongoing turbulence of the Middle East, albeit in subtle and abstract ways. Even if you didn’t know that ElSaffar conceived this music as a kind of commentary on a part of the world where he traces his roots, there was no mistaking the geographical origins of ElSaffar’s concepts, nor the jazz techniques with which he developed them.

To hear his imploring vocal chants, sighs and laments on trumpet and shimmering colors and decidedly non-Western harmonies on santur (a kind of hammered dulcimer) was to realize the value of the source material he brings to jazz composition and improvisation. When ElSaffar shared unison lines with saxophonist Ole Mathisen, listeners heard a front line of tremendous ferocity and technical skill, but also Middle Eastern phrase-making seamlessly shaped by a jazz sensibility (and vice versa). Add to this Nasheet Waits’ volatile accompaniment on drums and a swirl of sound from Arabic and American instrumentation, and you had a sophisticated expression of a singular music.

On Friday night, Chicago cornetist Josh Berman produced decidedly more intimate sounds at Constellation, leading a trio in music from his austerely alluring new album, “A Dance and a Hop” (Delmark Records).

The title is open to interpretation, but it certainly describes the nature of Berman’s phrase-making, the musician crafting lines that bobbed and weaved and darted about, never settling in one place for very long. This was true at all tempos and dynamic levels, though for the most part Berman and his similarly nimble colleagues — drummer Frank Rosaly and bassist Jason Roebke — never rushed or shouted or otherwise overstated their case. Instead, they conjured an uncommonly delicate and transparent ensemble sound, with Berman consistently at its forefront.

One had to marvel at the sheer amount of melodic invention Berman produced, showing a remarkable capacity for continuously creating lines that twist and turn in unexpected directions. Whether he was articulating mercurial motifs in “Hang Ups” or leaving ample space between softly stated gestures in “Blues,” Berman never lacked for ideas. That his musical vocabulary danced around traditional notions of harmony and tonality only heightened one’s admiration for the creativity of this work.

Listeners with conservative musical tastes might have been unnerved by Berman’s unconventional approach to melody making, and those with a penchant for the outer edges of the jazz avant-garde might have found the proceedings a bit genteel. But listen closely to this trio’s playing, and you had to be disarmed by the self-styled poetry of Berman’s solos and the dexterity and intuitiveness of Roebke’s and Rosaly’s responses.

Throughout, Berman left himself quite exposed in this music, his colleagues providing texture and support but leaving the heavy lifting to him. That he sustained interest with such straightforward, linear playing said a great deal about the eloquence of his musical vocabulary.

Original Review

Josh Berman Trio “A Dance and A Hop” Record Release Show 9/18

September 2nd, 2015


The Josh Berman trio will be celebrating the release of their new CD/LP on Delmark Records at Constellation on September 18th at 8:30pm. Click here to purchase your tickets.


December 5th, 2012

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Something Else!

November 26th, 2012

There Now reviewed at somethingelsereviews.com.
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Jazz Times

October 22nd, 2012

Josh Berman & His Gang

There Now

Delmark Records

By Mike Shanley

The name of cornetist Josh Berman’s newest group refers back to the “gangs” led by Bix Beiderbecke or to Chicago’s Austin High Gang, which existed close to a century ago. Although Berman formed this octet under the influence of that era, tackling standards like “Jada” and “I’ve Found a New Baby,” this isn’t merely a retro outfit. If Eddie Condon heard this Gang’s take on his “Liza,” he’d surely be cursing. Berman has said this group is as much about the interaction of Chicago regulars as it is about the music they revitalize. And this Gang plays well together.

All this becomes clear in the opener, “Love Is Just Around the Corner.” After Jason Stein’s bass clarinet clears its throat, the group merely hints at the theme before Berman, Jeb Bishop (trombone) and Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet) straddle hot swing and

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free blowing. The theme to “Jada” is somewhere in the room at first, but then saxophonist Keefe Jackson transforms it into something new and exciting during his gruff tenor solo. The most interesting revival comes with “I’ve Found a New Baby,” which is played as a beautifully slow dirge that puts Josh Abrams’ bass at the forefront of the commentary.
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Berman wrote three of the eight tunes, keeping the feel of the album more on the modern side. Vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz—already adding a twist since his instrument was rarely used by the bygone gangs—gets a spotlight on the eerie-cum-romantic “One Train May Hide Another.” Traditionalists might not hear it, but Berman’s Gang knows the classic material, and it’s clear they also know how to keep it vital all these years later.


Point of Departure

September 10th, 2012

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Fast Citizens new CD, Gather


August 31st, 2012

Derek Taylor's review from dustedmagazine.com.

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Lloyd Sachs

August 20th, 2012

Lloyd Sachs reviews There Now on WDCB and at his blog, jazzespress.

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August 4th, 2012

best casino bonus onlineem>There Now reviewed on JazzWrap


All About Jazz

July 26th, 2012

There Now reviewed on allaboutjazz.com.

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Josh Berman and His Gang Release Show Poster by Chad Kouri

August 16th, 2012

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Poland’s SoulBowl: Best of 2012

January 18th, 2013

Nice to be in the company of Frank Ocean and The Bravest Man in the Universe.


Rhapsody Jazz Poll Editor Francis Davis’ Best of List 2012

January 12th, 2013

8. Josh Berman & His Gang, There Now (Delmark)

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Doing, or maybe I mean “undoing,” post-Prohibition warhorses like “Jada” and “I’ve Found a New Baby,” a clique of young Chicagoans establishes a link between Eddie Condon‘s inner circle and the AACM — and their own link to both. A great introduction, should one be needed, to many of the players currently revitalizing Windy City jazz, including trumpeter Berman, tenor saxophonist Keefe Jackson and vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz.



Best Jazz of the Chicago Reader

December 29th, 2012

Peter Margasak’s favorite jazz albums of 2012.

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Best Chicago albums of 2012

December 22nd, 2012

Time Out Chicago‘s Areif Sless-Kitain includes There Now in his year-end roundup:

Josh Berman & His Gang

narrative essay

There Now (Delmark)
Cornetist and curator Josh Berman rounds up a terrific cast of local improvisers to build towering, sometimes teetering structures from old school source material.


Chicago Tribune’s Best Jazz Recordings of 2012

December 12th, 2012

Josh Berman & His Gang: “There Now” (Delmark Records). The past, present and future of jazz sometimes converge, sometimes collide in cornetist Berman's characteristically bold release, which re-examines music of the

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1920s and '30s from an unblinking, 21st century perspective.

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Howard Reich



December 11th, 2012



expository essay

There Now review by Philip Coombs



April 10th, 2014

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Past Gigs

Sunday | 10 December 2017
Mars Williams Presents an Ayler Xmas

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Wednesday | 06 December 2017
Dan Phillips' 4x4 Off-Road Quartet

Cafe Mustache | 10:00pm
Saturday | 04 November 2017
Barry Gifford & Jason Adasiewicz

Constellation | 8:30pm
Tuesday | 10 October 2017
OPTION: Ollie Bryce duos with Jason Stein & Josh Berman

Experimental Sound Studio | 7:30pm
Sunday | 03 September 2017
Josh Berman Quartet

Chicago Jazz Festival | 2:20pm
Thursday | 31 August 2017
Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos | Josh Berman Quartet

Constellation | 8:30pm
Wednesday | 30 August 2017
Mike Reed's Separatist Party

Constellation | 6:00pm
Saturday | 26 August 2017
Joshua Abrams and Josh Berman | Sun Speak | Cunningham/Lore

Constellation | 8:30pm
Thursday | 10 August 2017
Levin/Daisy Duo | Daniel Levin Quartet

Elastic | 9:00pm
Sunday | 25 June 2017
The Eternals Espíritu Zombi Group

Logan Square Arts Festival | 7:45pm
Sunday | 25 June 2017
Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

Logan Square Arts Festival | 6:15pm
Saturday | 24 June 2017
Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

Constellation | 8:30pm
Thursday | 22 June 2017
Daniel Levin, Tim Daisy, & Josh Berman

Constellation | 8:30pm
Friday | 26 May 2017
Matt Piet & His Disorganization with Tim Daisy, Nick Mazzarella, & Josh Berman

Constellation | 8:30pm
Thursday | 25 May 2017
Therapy Sessions: a talk show about feelings

Hungry Brain | 8:00pm
Monday | 22 May 2017
Berman/Fraser Duo

Elastic | 9:00pm
Wednesday | 10 May 2017
Jaimie Branch *Fly or Die* Record Release

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Thursday | 27 April 2017
Race Card

Elastic | 9:00pm
Thursday | 20 April 2017

Elastic | 9:00pm
Friday | 14 April 2017
Silka E. Berhart Large Group

Elastic | 9:00pm
Monday | 17 April 2017
The Eternals

Empty Bottle | 9:00pm
Sunday | 02 April 2017
Abrams/Berman Duo

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Thursday | 16 March 2017

Elastic | 9:00pm
Saturday | 25 February 2017
Chicago Lucerne Exchange

Jazzwerkstatt Bern | 8:00pm
Wednesday | 22 February 2017

Cafe Mustache | 9:00pm
Thursday | 29 December 2016
Jaimie Branch | Josh Berman Trio | Bucket Brigade

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Sunday | 18 December 2016
Mars Williams presents An Ayler Xmas: The Music of Albert Ayler and Songs of Xmas

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 29 November 2016
Tuesday Night Fellowship: Mike Reed's Conversation Music

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 22 November 2016
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society Residency: Abrams/Drake/Wilkerson/Berman

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Sunday | 13 November 2016
Josh Berman Trio | Mike Reed's Flesh and Bone

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 08 November 2016
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society Residency: The Brimstone Band | Rempis/Abrams/Ra/Baker

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Wednesday | 12 October 2016
3-On-3: Patricia Nguyen | Jake Wark | Matt Carroll

Constellation | 7:00pm
Monday | 10 October 2016
MT Quartet & Animal Mother

Elastic | 9:00pm
Saturday | 01 October 2016
Race Card

Constellation | 8:30pm
Saturday | 24 September 2016
Marvin Tate's Weight of Rage

Hyde Park Jazz Festival | Little Black Pearl | 4:30pm
Thursday | 08 September 2016
Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra

Elastic | 9:00pm
Sunday | 04 September 2016
Conversation Music

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Sunday | 04 September 2016
Michael Zerang & The Blue Lights

Chicago Jazz Festival | Jay Pritzker Pavilion | 5:00pm
Thursday | 01 September 2016
Malaby/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang | Chancey/Berman/Abrams/Avery

Hungry Brain | 9:30pm
Friday | 26 August 2016
International Anthem Summer Release Weekend: Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly | Horse Lords | Jaimie Branch's Cornet Orbit | DJ Damon Locks

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 23 August 2016
Tuesday Night Fellowship hosted by Greg Ward | Conversation Music

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Saturday | 13 August 2016
The Eternals: Espiritu Zombi

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Thursday | 28 July 2016
Daniel Levin Quartet

Elastic | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 26 July 2016
Tuesday Night Fellowship hosted by Greg Ward | Conversation Music

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Monday | 18 July 2016
OPTION: Jaimie Branch/Fred Lonberg-Holm Duo + Jaimie Branch/Ben LaMar Gay/Josh Berman

Experimental Sound Studio | 7:30pm
Wednesday | 13 July 2016
Splice Series: Josh Berman, Jim Baker, Eli Namay & Steve Hunt

Beat Kitchen | 8:30pm
Saturday | 25 June 2016
Dimensions & Extensions

Constellation | 8:30pm
Saturday | 25 June 2016
Josh Berman Trio

Logan Square Arts Festival | 1:45pm
Tuesday | 21 June 2016
Josh Berman Trio

MCA | Tuesdays on the Terrace | 5:30pm
Monday | 20 June 2016

Elastic | 9:00pm
Saturday | 18 June 2016
Witches & Devils

Happy Dog | Cleveland | 9:00pm
Sunday | 12 June 2016
Sarah Louise | Josh Berman & Keefe Jackson | Parish, Libramento, & Rodriguez

The Mothlight | Asheville | 9:00pm
Saturday | 11 June 2016
Josh Berman & Keefe Jackson | Joe McPhee and the Omnipotent Egyptians with John Dikeman

if ART Gallery | Columbia | 8:30pm
Friday | 10 June 2016
Josh Berman & Keefe Jackson | Ghost Trees Big Band

McColl Center | Charlotte | 8:00pm
Sunday | 22 May 2016

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Friday | 13 May 2016
Dance Shelter with Ayako Kato

Hamlin Park Field House | 7:30pm
Tuesday | 03 May 2016
Composition Ensemble

Doek Festival | Zaal 100 | Amsterdam | 5:00pm
Monday | 02 May 2016

Doek Festival | Zaal 100 | Amsterdam | 5:00pm
Sunday | 01 May 2016
Amsterdam Real Book Bicycle Tour | The Music of Sean Bergin

Doek Festival | De Ruimte | Amsterdam | 8:30pm
Sunday | 01 May 2016
Amsterdam Real Book Bicycle Tour | Berman/Moore/Roebke/Govaert

Doek Festival | Oedipus Brewery | Amsterdam | 3:30pm
Saturday | 30 April 2016
Jason Roebke Octet

Doek Festival | The Bimhuis | Amsterdam | 8:30pm
Friday | 29 April 2016
Josh Berman Trio

Xposed Club | Cheltenham | 8:00pm
Thursday | 28 April 2016
Josh Berman Trio

Vortex | London | 8:00pm
Tuesday | 26 April 2016
Josh Berman Trio

Klein Theater | Luzern | 8:00pm
Monday | 25 April 2016
Josh Berman Trio

Klappfon | Basel | 8:00pm
Sunday | 24 April 2016
Josh Berman Trio with Joachim Badenhorst

Zuiderpershuis | Antwerp | 8:00pm
Friday | 08 April 2016
Josh Berman & Keefe Jackson

Foundation Series | 9:00pm
Friday | 25 March 2016
Tony Malaby Residency : Night Two

Elastic | 9:00pm
Monday | 14 March 2016
Makaya McCraven | Mikel Patrick Avery *PLAY*

The Hideout | 9:00pm
Monday | 29 February 2016
OPTION: Josh Berman w/ Joshua Abrams & Aaron Zarzutzki

Experimental Sound Studio | 7:30pm
Sunday | 28 February 2016
Matt Schneider and Jason Adasiewicz

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Wednesday | 10 February 2016
Josh Berman Trio | Opening Reception: Monster Roster

Smart Museum of Art | 7:00pm
Sunday | 31 January 2016
Ben Miranda's Groundhog Day Tribute Party

The Hideout | 7:00pm
Friday | 29 January 2016
2x6: An Evening of Duos

Constellation | 8:30pm
Monday | 18 January 2016
Relax Attack Jazz Series: Stine/Berman/Abrams

The Whistler | 9:30pm
Sunday | 17 January 2016
Darius Jones Chicago Edition

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Saturday | 16 January 2016
Darius Jones Chicago Edition

Constellation | 8:30pm
Thursday | 31 December 2015
NYE: The Separatist Party at the Hungry Brain! | J.W. Basillo | Conversation Music | Special Guests

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Tuesday | 29 December 2015
Relax Attack Jazz Series: Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

The Whistler | 9:30pm
Wednesday | 23 December 2015
Winter Solstice 25th Year Celebration | Solstice Orchestra

Constellation | 8:00pm
Monday | 21 December 2015
Winter Solstice 25th Year Celebration | Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

Constellation | 8:00pm
Sunday | 20 December 2015
Mars Williams Presents: The 6th Annual Ayler Xmas Show (Music of Albert Ayler and Songs of Christmas)

Hungry Brain | 9:00pm
Thursday | 17 December 2015
John Niekrasz and Friends

Elastic | 9:00pm
Saturday | 14 November 2015
Adam Rudolph's Go: Organic Orchestra

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts | 8:00pm
Saturday | 07 November 2015
Ellery Eskelin with Josh Berman, Jason Roebke, & Marcus Evans

Constellation | 8:30pm
Friday | 06 November 2015
Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips with special guests

Constellation | 8:30pm
Friday | 09 October 2015
Jason Roebke Trio | Tim Stine, Joshua Abrams, Josh Berman

Constellation | 8:30pm
Sunday | 27 September 2015
Mikel Patrick Avery Parade

Hyde Park Jazz Festival | 3:00pm
Friday | 18 September 2015
Josh Berman Trio | Record Release Show

Constellation | 8:30pm
Saturday | 12 September 2015
Ten x Ten Release Concert & Exhibition

Elastic Arts | 9:00pm
Saturday | 05 September 2015
Jason Roebke Octet

Chicago Jazz Festival | 3:30pm
Thursday | 27 August 2015

Comfort Station | 7:30pm
Thursday | 20 August 2015

Comfort Station | 7:30pm
Thursday | 23 July 2015
Carol Genetti/Josh Berman/Albert Wildeman

Comfort Station | 7:30pm
Tuesday | 21 July 2015
Fast Citizens

Elastic | 9:00pm
Thursday | 09 July 2015

Elastic | 9:00pm
Saturday | 20 June 2015
Jason Adasiewicz Quartet

Kozmic Picnik | Summer Solstice Jazz Festival | 1:00pm
Tuesday | 16 June 2015
Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

The Whistler | 9:30pm
Saturday | 13 June 2015
Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights

Constellation | 8:30pm
Sunday | 07 June 2015
Josh Berman & Jason Adasiewicz

The Dawson | 4:00pm